Our company offers Janitorial services in all of the following areas:


Post Construction Cleaning

  • Cabinets front and inside cleaned
  • Countertops and shelves dusted and/or wiped
  • Sinks and backsplash washed
  • Exterior of appliances cleaned (stovetop, oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher)
  • Small appliances wiped (microwave, toaster, coffee maker)
  • All surfaces dusted and/or wiped
  • Windows inside cleaned
  • Windowsills and window tracks cleaned
  • Baseboards dusted and/or wiped
  • Marks on walls and baseboards cleaned
  • Doorknob, doorframes, doors, light switches wiped
  • Trash removed
  • Floor vacuumed and washed
  • Sink cleaned and sanitized
  • Bathtub, shower walls, glass doors cleaned and sanitized
  • Toilet inside and out cleaned and sanitized
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Mopping of all floors


Strip Seal & Wax

We can provide the professional services you require to strip, seal and refinish your vinyl tile surface areas to bring back the smart clean look natural to vinyl tile.

We follow specific instructions to obtain the best possible results, each step is carefully and precisely done. Our polymer floor finish is durable and easy to maintain after our job is finished. The following steps are taken to unsure professional results:

  • stripping the floors with water
  • application of floor stripper
  • letting the floor sit for 15 minutes but not becoming dry
  • scrubbing the floor with a floor machine and pad
  • wet vacuum the floor to remove the previous striper
  • rinsing the floor
  • letting the floor dry completely (Air movers)
  • applying 2 coats of sealer, 30 minutes of drying time
  • buffing the newly sealed floor with a floor machine
  • dust moping the floor to make sure it is completely dust free
  • applying 2 coats of wax, 30 minutes of drying time in between coats
  • buffing the floor again with a floor machine

We also clean marnoleum flooring, aggregate and ceramic tile.


Carpet cleaning

For Commercial Carpet Cleaning we follow a set plan for your business and also offer one time Carpet Cleaning also. We utilize all recognized carpet care cleaning methods, including steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods that apply to all jobs. Our Maintenance Plan for business Carpet cleaning is determined by us and our clients depending on how often facilities need servicing as well as assessment of high foot traffic areas, spot cleaning and stain removal. For example Carpet cleaning of the whole facility is recommended to be done once per year. High foot traffic areas are recommended to be cleaned three times a year, and if further service is needed we also offer monthly spot cleaning and stain removal with entrances included every time we visit. Different work situations and different traffic flows require some analysis to maximize the effectiveness of a maintenance program Areas where foot traffic is heaviest should get more attention than areas where foot traffic is light.


Exterior/ interior windows

Maple Premium Services provides professional commercial window cleaning services for small independent store fronts, franchises, and office buildings in Calgary and area. The following procedures are always completed on both exterior and interior windows that we clean:

  • Drop sheets used to cover carpet and furniture
  • Cobwebs removed from window and door frames
  • Window glass cleaned
  • Sliding door glass cleaned
  • Window frames and sills wiped clean
  • Window fly screens removed and brushed clean
  • Sliding door screens brushed clean
  • Window tracks brushed and wet towel cleaned
  • Sliding door tracks brushed and wet towel cleaned


Day Porter Services

A day porter is an essential part of your building they are responsible for making sure your building looks clean, presentable, and inviting at all times. It is always important to have someone on top of all incidents that arise like broken glass or wet floor immediately in order to help everyone stay safe. Discreetly and without intruding on the day-to-day activities in your building, a day porter will operate in the background to ensure everything is taken care of.

Here are some of the duties a day porter would perform, depending on your needs:

  • Keep lobbies clean
  • Keep common areas clean
  • Keep washrooms clean
  • Restock supplies in washrooms as necessary
  • Perform minor maintenance, such as replacing burnt out light bulbs
  • Clean and prepare kitchen, cafeteria, and/or break rooms (particularly before and after busy times)
  • Respond to spills and other cleaning emergencies
  • Remove or warn of safety hazards, such as objects in the way of pedestrians or wet floors
  • Remove litter and debris from entrances and parking lots
  • Superintendent coverage


Handy Man Services

  1. Bathroom or kitchen installations and repairs – Including appliance installations
  2. Deck installations, repairs and maintenance
  3. Fence and gates building and maintenance
  4. Door or window installation and repairs – including installations of doorbells and shutters
  5. Curtain and blind installations
  6. Hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tile flooring installations
  7. Carpentry services
  8. Roofing installation and gutter cleaning
  9. Yard and garden maintenance
  10. Painting services and drywall, patch holes in walls
  11. Sink / faucet / bathtub / toilet installation, replacement, and repairs  – including caulking services
  12. Drain unclogging and other minor plumbing services
  13. Grouting
  14. Insulation services
  15. Garage and basement maintenance
  16. Installation and cleaning of vents and aspiration systems – including filter replacements
  17. Wood repair
  18. Rail installations
  19. Pressure washing services
  20. Molding and trimming
  21. Replace and fix light fixture


Garbage Removal